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  • Tvirtinimo dirželis 2.5x100mm, 100 vnt. TRBFW25100BLA

    Kodas: 854815
    L Length 100 mm
    W Width 2.5 mm
    Max useable diameter 19 mm
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  • Part number TRBFW25100BLA
    Unit Pack
    Long description Cold-resistant cable ties can be obtained in a range of dimensions for quick and easy fastening of materials including cables and hoses.
    Pros Cold-resistant cable ties, resistant to temperatures from - 60°C to 85°C Ideal for use in wind power, rail transport and electrical engineering Internal teeth for good grip on cable and pipe bundles Head design ensures high tensile strength at very low insertion force
    Product details Ambient temperature from -60°C to 85°C Meets UL 62275 test conditions Flame retardant: UL94HB Impact and UV resistant Improved flexibility and toughness High tensile strength Low pull-through resistance To ensure the quality of the cable ties, opened packaging should be kept in a dark place at room temperature (20°C)
    Colour Black
    L Length 100 mm
    W Width 2.5 mm
    Max useable diameter 19 mm
    Material Polyamide 6.6
    Content in sale unit 100 pcs
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